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2nd Chance Finance
Second Chance lender finance is largely different to mainstream car finance in that credit rating is not the be all and end all ( though it still might be a factor)....It is possible to be considered with not so good credit if firstly you can legally afford a loan and secondly it is considered you can stick to the loan term...
What are the drawbacks to Second Chance Finance
There are some drawbacks. Most notable is your interest rate will be higher  if your loan is through one of these lenders(the rate can and does vary and you won't know exactly what it is until you are approved). The second drawback is the term of the loan will generally be shorter adding a bit more to your weekly payments. The positive side to the short term is that you will pay the loan off much quicker, reducing the overall amount of interest you pay quite a significantly. It can also potentially repair your credit rating much quicker and is means you will have the flexibility to change vehicles at a much sooner time should your needs change or should you just want a change in car. It's also worth noting that the majority of these lenders have minimal charges if you want to payout the loan quicker and such loans can inf act be cheaper when this is the case.
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