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Can I get a car loan while.....
On Centrelink? Being a Single Parent? On A Pension?

The answer is a definite yes it is possible, however there are some limitations and nothing is guaranteed. When getting a used car loan on Centrelink, newstart can not be solely used when assessing a clients legal ability or capacity to pay off a loan. Restrictions are also in place based on overall amount of income received as well as your day to day expenses. For this reason a single parent of 3 or more children with low rent is far more likely to get approved for a used car than a single disability pensioner paying a high amount of rent.

Government guidelines set a certian living allowance and we have to work within these legal guidelines. With that in mind we have had a lot of success not only in helping single parents on Centrelink get a used car loan but also in getting DSP recipients "micro" $5000 used car loans and sourcing the used cars for clients on approval... the main point: Yes with us at 1 Stop Car and Finance you can get a used car loan on Centrelink!

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