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Daunted by the thought of getting finance?

Perhaps you don't think you can get car finance or maybe you think a cheap used car is what you can afford so that's what you should get.

The first thing you should maybe consider is can you afford a loan and are you willing to make the commitment. If you can't say yes to this then you probably should NOT get a car loan. Getting a new car can be great, however is not so great if you can't make the commitment to the loan. Most of us are able to benefit from the small weekly contribution to owning a car that suits our needs.

Many however are still daunted by the prospect of finance on a car. Is it because you are worried about your chances because of defaults, no credit history or because your on a centrelink payment

Are you concerned you may pay too much?

We will tell you straight what we feel your chances are and give you some indication of where you stand BEFORE you make a decision.

Financing a used car can have some great benefits
It can allow you to buy a used car you like that matches your needs, allowing you to have a much newer and reliable used car than perhaps what's in your pocket can bring you.
Quite often you can also include a warranty with your finance package giving you that extra peace of mind, that not only will your used car get you to work or help get the kids to school each day, but if something were to go wrong there is the peace of mind in knowing that it's under warranty and instead of costing a small fortune to fix it's all ready covered
The Cheap Used Car Trap

I hear it many times, just buy a cheap used car and save your money, that's great but...

Are you still going to be paying for something you don't want or like?
How reliable is that old bomb, it's great it was cheap, but are you going to be repairing it all the time or replacing it 6 months later for another cheap car then 6 months after that?
How safe is it? Is it safe enough for you, your wife or perhaps your kids?
Is it going to be reliable to get you or your family to work/school/sports on a daily basis?
Ask yourself is the cash you have better spent on a cheap bomb or as a deposit on a reliable used car that has a warranty attached with the weekly price
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